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How to reach Optimum Inventory with AI-powered Demand Sensing

Demand Sensing focuses on eliminating supply chain lag by relentlessly reducing the time between events and the response to those events. The goal is to reduce the total time elapsed from the emergence of a statistically meaningful mix of demand signals to the planner’s ability to respond intelligently to those signals.

The webinar takeaways:
+Demand Sensing as a method to calculate forecasts with greater accuracy
+Streamline’s Demand Sensing feature
+The impact of Demand Sensing on a company’s supply chain

About the speakers

​Sheetal Yadav, a specialist in statistical techniques and data modeling with over 8 years of consulting experience in planning & forecasting across the industry sectors. Sheetal has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and MBA in Supply Chain Management.

​Lu Shi, Partner Success Manager at Streamline. Master of Operations, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management with over 5 years of experience in manufacturing & consulting in the electronics, logistics, and digital procurement industry.


Jun 08 2023


4:00 pm



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